Table of Contents

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION.  This explains a bit about this website and why I am now posting some things that go back over 50 years.

Section 1 

Intellectual Background to the Citizens Jury Process

  1. Construct Validity, 1965.
  2. How Should We Live Together?, 1996. 
  3. Extended Rational Discussions, 1973.
  4. In Search of the Competent Citizen, 1975
  5. “Citizens Panels: a new approach to citizen participation” Public Administration Review, vol. 46, #2, March/April 1986.
  6. “Creating an Authentic Voice of the People”  A paper presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, April 18-20, 1996
  7.  Articles in Books
    1. Gastil and Levine
    2. Renn, O., Webler, Th., Wiedemann, P. (eds.): Fairness and Competence in Citizen Participation. Evaluating New Models for Environmental Discourse. Dordrecht and Boston (Kluwer 1995)
    3. The book in Minnesota on environmental decision making
  8. “Citizens Panels: a new democratic process for risk management”
  9. Citizens Jury Process In Britain: An Initial Examination of Citizens Jury Use in Britain,1994-2012; By Lydia Carlson and Ned Crosby, April, 2013.
  10. Essays:
    1. Essay #1810 (7-12-99)
    2. Essay #3000 (5-2-15)
  11. “Research Relevant to Sound Deliberation Practice”
  12. Creating the Citizens Initiative Review


Section 2

Improving Democracy

  1. Healthy Democracy, empowering a clear and informed voice of the people, 2003. HEALTHY DEMOCRACY: A Retrospective and Look Ahead, 2013.
  2. “Restoring American Democracy” NOT YET POSTED
  3. “Ready for the Big One?”


Section 3

New Democratic Systems

  1. Concern for All, 1973. NOT YET POSTED
  2. System 4, 1976.
  3. Towards A New Democracy, 1980.
  4. “A New American Democracy”, 2007 Journal of Public Deliberation, Vol 3: Issue 1, Article 1, “by Mark Twain IV”.