Hello, fair readers! If you’ve come across this website intentionally, you’ll know me, Ned Crosby, as the American inventor of the Citizens Jury.  Besides the Introduction there are three sections to this website:

SECTION 1: Intellectual background of the Citizens Jury process and the Citizens Initiative Review.

SECTION 2:  Some ways in which the Citizens Jury process, along with other deliberative methods, can make a major improvement in the current state of democracy.

SECTION 3:  Whole new democratic systems.

Finding What You Want

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  • This website is under construction. This means that very few comments have been entered, and some postings are listed only by title.  By late fall, 2015, I hope to have added more articles and comments and received comments from others.
  • You can contact me through this form.  I am trying to retire and so will not be able to respond as quickly or fully to questions as I would like. If enough interesting comments are made, a section for these comments will be added to the site.